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How can my dog be scammed by burglars?


Big or small houses, houses with gardens, houses with bars, houses with front and back doors, houses with corridors at the entrance, houses with patio, house with swimming pool, houses… Either way, you’ll love having a dog who will take care of your greatest and most precious treasure: your family. 

You probably think there’s no way a burglar can get into your house with the presence of your brave dog. And of course, a trained dog can intimidate unwanted guests. The question is: How can my dog be scammed by burglars?

This is the top 5 of the most commonly used strategies by expert burglars to hurt or scam your dog in a break-in case:

Are you ready to find out?

TOP #5 Another dog

If a dog barks or attacks at your dog, he’ll be distracted. In the meantime, thieves will try to break into your house through another door or window. Unfortunately, your dog won’t be able  to call you when the intruders have come in.

TOP #4 Sedating

A break-in isn’t planned overnight, surely the burglars already know that your dog is well trained, so they will try the most effective tool: sedating your dog with crushed pills, which can be very dangerous for your dog friend. 

TOP #3 A gun

A gun can be quite common for an advanced and/or experienced burglar. It’s also the tool with a fatal ending for your dog, and first of all, he’s your pet.

TOP #2 Climb

Trees with low branches are a trick desired by thieves. If the intruder knows you have a brave dog, he won’t hesitate to climb these branches until he gets through one of the windows

TOP #1 Food

The intruders will try to persuade your dog with food. This is the most successful tool for burglars, and c’mmon! Even if your dog is vegan, he’ll be attracted to eating a piece of lettuce. 

We know that dogs have been a person’s allies and best friends since ancient times. We totally believe that’s the case! That’s why we have the best security system that will help prevent your beautiful, loved and intelligent dog from being hurt or scam by expert burglars.

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